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Property Handovers

When your property is handed over to you, you have to rely on the building company for final quality checks. The building company after finishing the project may not give proper time for inspection or their interpretation of quality workmanship may vary with yours. In this situation, the best alternative is to consult a building inspection company who can provide unbiased and independent property handover inspections.

People of Gold Cost &Tweeds are highly fortunate to have Building Inspection Specialists in their areas to provide high quality of hand over inspection services. The handover inspections conducted by their professionals look for unfinished works, damages, defects and poor quality workmanship that may need attention. They highlight the areas where repairs and renovation works are required before you move in.

Our handover inspections ensure that your building meets the industry standards and you get what you pay for. Property handover inspections provide you peace of mind that the new home you are moving into is completely safe for your family. Our team is highly dedicated towards its services and safeguards the best interests of the clients. Our property handover inspections are highly affordable and hence you feel that you are not spending rather investing your money at the right place.
The property handover inspections conducted by our team includes all interiors and exteriors of the building and look for common defects and poor quality of workmanship. The report prepared thereafter highlights all these points with photographic evidence. Our team also provides assistance to the customers to help them understand the findings reported in the handover report.

Sometimes customers ask us to conduct the inspection when the construction is still in progress. This wastes not only your money but also our time. Hence, the best time to call us for handover inspection is when the builder’s work is complete and all other tradesmen have also finished their works. The handover reports are beneficial for the purchaser of a newly constructed home and the inspection is carried out prior to the purchaser taking possession of their new home
Hence, look no further and contact Building Inspection Specialists for high quality and hassle free property handover inspections and reports. We ensure that our services and customer care will satisfy you beyond expectations.

To ensure that your new home is flawless, contact us today!

Don't Let Your Foundation Crumble
Don't Let Your Foundation Crumble