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Pool Safety Inspections in Gold Coast

In Australia, owning a pool is a common luxury many families share in common. A pool is a place where the whole family can relax and enjoy their time together. Unfortunately due to improperly maintained pool fencing, many deaths of young children are caused by drowning in the family swimming pool. These accidents happen when the pool does not meet the safety legislation enforced by the government. Most of us do not have the right information about the pool safety codes and hence are not able to realise any type of safety concerns.

To ensure that your pool is safe for your family and it fulfills the safety codes; Building Inspection Specialists is available at your service. We conduct a visible and thorough inspection of your pool’s safety features and report all the necessary safety issues that need consideration.

Our professional and experienced team will visit your property and conduct the inspection to ensure that your pool is fully compliant with government pool safety requirements. Then, we provide you with a detailed report outlining the findings and the steps you need to undertake to ensure that your pool is safe.
Sometimes customers misinterpret us as pool experts and ask for water leakage and chlorination checks. But, we do not offer such services. We do not provide the services offered by pool experts like checking for cracks and leaks, pool pump and others. We only inspect the pool to ensure that there are no risks to your family from any potential pool hazards.

We have priced our pool safety inspection services competitively to ensure that we satisfy not only your needs but also your budget. Pools Safety Inspections are a must when you have a new pool area constructed in your property. With pool safety inspections you can rest assured that your pool meets the safety codes of the government and hence there are very negligible chances of any pool hazard.

To ensure the safety of your loved ones at the pool area, get in touch with Building inspection Specialist for the highest quality of pool safety inspection services. So what are you waiting for! Call us now!

Don't Let Your Foundation Crumble
Don't Let Your Foundation Crumble