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Pest and Building Inspections in Gold Coast

Each year termites, white ants and other pests have been reported to cause major property damages in Australia. Is your home safe? Can you recognize the termite infestations? To ensure that your home and property is free of pests and termites you must consult a pest inspection company.

Building Inspection Specialists is a licensed and qualified pest inspection company that caters to the needs of customers in the Gold Coast & Tweeds areas. Our pest inspection team has been trained by rapid solutions and certified to carry out termite inspections. Since termites live underground it is difficult to realize and detect the presence. Our team is highly experienced in their work and can detect subtle signs that highlight possible pest infestation.

Every new inspector works under the guidance of a senior staff in over 300 projects. It provides them the experience before he can carry out the inspection individually. Our termite and pest inspection services comply with the present Australian Standards. The termite and pest inspector will arrive at your location and conduct a thorough inspection of all termite prone areas including the roof, ceiling void, door jams, frames, sub-floors, internal and external timbers and trees and fences on your property.

After a thorough inspection, we provide you a detailed report highlighting the detection or non-detection of live termite activity, timber decay etc. Building Inspection Specialists also report the previous damages caused by the pests, also suggesting the best strategy to prevent future damage. However, Building Inspection Specialists does not provide treatment services an can recommend reliable pest treatment specialists to eradicate the pests in your home.

Our pest inspection team takes around 60 minutes for a thorough inspection depending on the size and nature of the building. Hence, for prompt and efficient pest inspection services trust Building Inspection Specialists. Our cost effective and world class services will make you a loyal patron of our company.

Call us today for pest inspection of your existing and new property! We are eagerly waiting to hear from you!


Don't Let Your Foundation Crumble
Don't Let Your Foundation Crumble