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Condition Report

What is the condition of your property? Will it be able to sustain construction and building activities? The answers to these queries are provided by a Condition Report.  It is a detailed and comprehensive report prepared prior to major earthworks or construction on the property. The report is prepared by a licensed building inspection company based on the inspection carried out by its team.

A condition report provides an in depth view over the property with close attention to any visible crack or movement within the property. The findings are recorded in form of a document with photographic evidence. Building Inspection Specialists have been providing the finest quality of condition reports to the residents of Gold Coast & Tweeds for many years.

The condition reports prepared by our experts highlight the condition of the property or building as it is on the day of inspection. When it comes to completing a condition report on a home, we ensure that we present the true picture because any error on our part may lead to major accidents in the future. Hence, our team takes proper time to inspect the property and the building and prepare a detailed condition report.

In the condition report we also recommend the repairs that need to be done before you decide to move in. We also suggest whether the property under inspection is suitable for construction or not. A condition report is very essential for new buyers to ensure that they are getting the desired returns for their investments. Building condition reports are a logical choice to protect your family and finances.

Hence, before making a deal for any property or building purchase make sure that you get a detailed condition report from Building Inspection Specialists. We guarantee that our condition reports will satisfy you beyond expectations and help you make a well informed decision. 
Among the plethora of building inspection companies, it is the quality and efforts we put in our services that has helped us stand out from competition. We have been able to create a niche for our company with hassle free services. Without hesitation, get in touch with Building Inspection Specialists for your condition reports demands.

Our condition report is easy to read and understand and we offer a customer support via telephone to clear any doubt that may arise on any point. So, to take advantage of our outstanding services, contact us today!

Don't Let Your Foundation Crumble
Don't Let Your Foundation Crumble